Canadian / Super Yankee

candian super yankeeWe’ve covered Yankees previously. A yankee is basically a bet that expands on a four fold accumulator where every selection has to win for your bet to be a winner. As opposed to accumulators with a yankee your bet is instead split into various different bets (11 bets from 4 selections -> 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold.). With a Super Yankee, also known as a Canadian, 5 selections are involved, so as I’m sure you can understand the number of bets increases too. The 5 selections amount to a total of 26 bets. 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds plus 1 five-fold.

This is of course a considerable number of bets and so is not as focused financially or in intent as an accumulator. It’s a bet that you could go for perhaps if you’re quietly confident in your selections but at the same time appreciate that they’re not all that likely to ‘realistically’ come up. Personally, I like the ‘edge of your seat’ nature of accumulator bets, even five folds, but it’s understandable of course that some like to see at least some return if they’re ‘close to’ right, rather than 100% on the button. For those punters with that way of thinking, a Lucky 15 is a Canadian aka a Super Yankee is a decent option.



Who wants to be a millionaire? I (almost) do

This Friday Labrokes alerted their followers on twitter to what was fast panning out to being the accumulator bets to end all accumulator bets. One lucky punter, from Dunstable, had managed to somehow find six winners in a row at royal ascot as part of their £5 eachway multi bet, with Lady Aurelia, Barney Roy, Qemah, Highland Reel, Coronet and Big Orange all romping hopein firt place.

This combination of good fortune led the lucky punter / shrewd horse racing analyst  to the position of being on the brink of winning a staggering £1,000,000 as part of their seven-fold acca. All that had to happen was for their final choice, Bound for Nowhere, a 10-1 shot, to finish in first place (or at least to place, since the bet was an each way accumulator). Unfortunately, this bet was indeed bound for nowhere and the final selection was sadly unplaced. A rather cruel close call for the punter in question as odds-on favourite Caravaggio won the 3:40pm Commonwealth Cup ascot race.

The bet was a £5 each way and 25p Super Heinz bet (total bet: £40) and so all told the punter did manage to bag £12,000. This is certainly better than nothing but he’s no millionaire as a result of this near miss! All we can hope for is that the, ultimately unlucky punter, had the good sense to lay off some of the bet on a betting exchange. That’s of course easier said than done when huge sums like this are concerned though.

Still, to end on the positive here are the winning bets that got this punter of so close to a dream win:

The six winners:

  • Lady Aurelia 7/2
  • Barney Roy 5/2
  • Qemah 5/2
  • Highland Reel 11/4
  • Coronet 7/1
  • Big Orange 8/1

Lucky 63

lucky-63We’ve covered Lucky 15 and Lucky 31 bet types previously (as well as a miriad of others) and a Lucky 63 bet is very much along the same lines. A lucky 63 bet consists of 63 bets in total based on 6 initial selections. There are 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and 1 six-fold.

It’s of course a lot to keep track of and perhaps the kind of bet that will appeal to someone who likes an ambitious punt (since crossing your fingers for 6 selections to come in is quite ambitious even if they are confident choices) but at the same time is realistic enough to realise that against ‘lottery win’ style odds it’s not all hat likely that all six will come in. It’s a judgement call really because of course there have been plenty of mindbogglingly unlikely straight forward accumulators that have come in over the years. In fact I’ve listed plenty of them on this site. With gambling it’s of course very much a judgement call and you can base whether or not your decisions make sense, when you empty your pockets at the end of the week / month / years!

Lucky 15

luck 15Once you get into the realm of having four selections as part of your bet you either lean towards a 4 fold accumulator (all results have to come in aka win), a yankee (you’re less certain of four wins so expand to 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold to try to make a profit even if you don’t get four wins) or this, a Lucky 15 where you expand on the yankee format and include all four of the single bets as part of your over all wager. As such your bet consists of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold.

With a lucky 15, you’re not dead set on all four of your selections winning, but instead hold a more realistic / pessimistic view that in all likelihood one or two will fall short. With a lucky 15 bet, you’re placing more bets and as such spending more on various combinations of outcome, but at the same time, it’s not an all or nothing, win or lose, endevour. Most bookmakers offer this kind of bet so it’s worth a try if you like to mi things up once in a while.


patentI’ve never actually caught up with someone in the bookies and asked them what they’re planning on betting on, only for them to grab my arm and say “I really have to get this patent on, right now!”. From that I can perhaps deduce that it’s not a bet that the average punter does on a day to day basis. However, it’s of course an option and where you have three selections that you’re ‘reasonably’ confident of, it’s certainly not a bad option to go for.

Essentially a patent involves picking three bets, but unlike a treble, it’s a combination / multiple bet. So not only are you betting on the treble, but also every other combination (namely three single bets and three doubles). This way if you’re ‘almost’ right you might well make a few quid via some a few of the individual bets coming up and if all three of the selections win you’re in line for a very nice win indeed. Patents are a nice bet for those who like the idea of a big win, but aren’t necessarily going ‘all in’ with it. If you like a few pounds back as a result of being ‘thereabouts’, a patent might well be the bet for you!