On The Ball with an 18-Fold Accumulator

A lucky / skilful punter has overcome staggering odds by correctly predicting 3 goals or more in 18 separate European football games spanning over a two week period. The now considerably wealthier individual placed a meager ten pounds on this unlikely bet and must have been on the edge of his seat while watching the final game of his accumulator between Austria Wien and AC Milan, which was effectively an all or nothing outcome for him. The finger of fortune continued to point in the right direction though and the game ended up being something of a goalfest (Austria Wien 1 – Milan 5). The list of all of the punters bets brings home just how unlikely this series of events was:

Man City 5 Liverpool 0

Leicester 1 Chelsea 2

Stoke 2 Man Utd 2

Everton 0 Spurs 3

Juventus 3 Chievo 0

Lazio 4 Milan 1

Barcelona 3 Juventus 0

Celtic 0 PSG 5

Chelsea 6 Qarabag 0

Man Utd 3 Basel 0

Feyenoord 0 Man City 4

Liverpool 2 Sevilla 2

Real Madrid 3 APOEL 0

Shakhtar 2 Napoli 1

Spurs 3 Dortmund 1

Bayern Munich 3 Anderlecht 0

Bologna 0 Napoli 3

Austria Wien 1 Milan 5

I place a fair few bets at sport.netbet.co.uk and this guy’s luck has spurred me on! As is to be expected, there were one or two close calls, including a 90th minute goal in the Bayern Munich match. It must have been real edge of your seat stuff for the lucky winner. In a further stroke of good luck (because clearly this person is in need of more luck!!), he decided to opt for an ‘odds boost’ feature and so instead of winning almost £60,000 his eventual winnings were £80,908. Talk about not being able to put a foot wrong. Someone is certainly smiling down upon this fellow!


£30 acca bags lucky punter £245,000

£245,000 multiple winOne lucky punter has struck it lucky to the tune of £245k from a small £30 accumulator. Most of the big win accas that I’ve trawled through over recent months have been football accumulators, but this once was a seven fold horse racing bet. The father of three placed the bet at Wolverhampton Racecourse on January 6th of last year and plan to buy his very first house with the proceeds  – what a result and what a story too, when people ask ‘how did you afford your first house?’ His selections were based on nothing more scientific than the fact that he chose favourites whose names he liked the look of. Not that such a system disadvantaged him on this occasion!

The punters selections in full:

  • 12.50 Wolverhampton – Whitecliff Park (odds 5/4)
  • 1.20 Wolverhampton – Artful Mind (odds 9/2)
  • 1.50 Wolverhampton – Mr Boss Man (odds 7/4)
  • 2.20 Wolverhampton – Oakley Girl (odds 4/1)
  • 2.50 Wolverhampton – Perfect Cracker (odds 5/1)
  • 3.20 Wolverhampton – Bank Of Gibraltar (odds 7/2)
  • 3.50 Wolverhampton – Ohsosecret (odds 11/4)

Despite the short odds, it’s still an incredible achievement to see all seven selections coming in, in first place.  The man’s bet actually consisted of a £10 each-way accumulator (totally £20)  and a £10 win accumulator on the same horses. Seeing them all listed here, this acca looks strangely doable, but of course it’s wise to remember than it only takes one bad result to derail the whole bet.

When it comes to horse racing, I tend to go for more mid range odds when placing a bet. Betting on favourites all of the time seems a touch too obvious to me (and of course they can let you down too even if they do look like ‘free money’) whereas going for rank outsiders can seem like clutching at straws unless you know something others don’t.

Where I tend to have a more fun, and a less analytical outlook – is on the slots. I even found a horse themed slots machine online recently : Hold Your Horses Online Free Spins , and so as you can imagine, this is right up my street! I’m not one for going into a stuffy bookmakers office to play or bet and so it’s nice to be able to relax and have a flutter from the comfort of your own home! All I need now is a big win to top it off.

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Ref (partially) blows it for Lucky 15 Punter

We’ve covered numerous rags to riches type accumulators on here, so it’s high time for a near miss to offer up a bit of perspective! A gambler in January 2013 was denied a mind boggling £500,000 win based on one decision by football referee Kevin Friend (it’s safe to assume he’s not going to be the ‘friend’ of the guy who placed the bet anytime soon!).


In a cruel and unlikely twist of fate, Friend blew to end the game one second before the ball rolled over the line, ending the match Leeds United 2 Tottenham 1. The Oldham man had need the result Leeds 3 Tottenham 1 to get his accumulator made of somewhat unlikely scores up. This was the only result of the bunch that fell short. The punter had placed a 20p lucky 15 multiple bet with a total stake of £3:

lucky 15

The Lucky 15 bet: Brentford 2 Chelsea 2 (18-1), Leeds 3 Tottenham 1 (25-1), Oldham 3 Liverpool 2 (80-1), St Mirren 3 Celtic 2 (50-1)


Several Leeds players protested the whistle being brown on what was 100% certain to be a goal, but to no avail. The £3 bet would’ve resulted in a payout of £506,562 for the punter. The only saving grace is that, as the man placed a Lucky 15 bet, he did pocket £17,055.80 which is certainly a decent chunk of money. Still, it’s mixed fortunes to say the least considering that by rights he should’ve walked away with a cool half a million pounds. A Ladbrokes representative said of the bet: ‘The referee has ruined our punter’s dream.”. He sounds more distaught than the punter!

So often in gambling, there’s a fine line between winning big and not, especially on big odds selections. There’s perhaps no better example of winning big at long odds than a visit to the casino. A mate of mine recently moved to Vegas and some of the stories you hear are mind boggling. I’ll likely visit too at some point, so we’ll see if I have any stories to tell! Huge amounts of money are pumped into the slot machines at Vegas daily, so the jackpots are collosal. For instance, in 2003 a 20 something software engineer won almost $40 million from $100 in the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur. Not bad for a day’s work / play! Maybe you too can win big from the comfort of your own home (who needs jetlag!) on Rainbow Ryan Slot Free Spins.

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trixieTo the average person on the street ‘Trixie’ likely sounds like either a word that Golem from Lord of the Rings would utter at the edge of a volcano, or something that national treasure magician Paul Daniels would’ve shouted out during his hayday. However of course those who hang around betting offices a bit too often will be able to reliably inform you that a Trixie is in fact a type of bet.

For those still drawing a complete blank I’ll explain further. A Trixie is not dissimilar to a 4-fold accumulator (a bet where you need all 4 of your selections to win with no exception). The difference with a trixie bet is that you cover every combination within that four fold bet, so every win counts, aka you don’t need a clean sweet to see a return. Every single bet, every double, every treble counts. It could be a good option if you feel that you are ‘in the know’ or ‘quietly confident’ of the majority of your bets but at the same time are making room for the unknowable. With an accumulator 3 big odds wins out of 4 would gain you nothing, but with a trixie you could walk away with a tidy sum.

So, in short it’s something of a safety cushion when compare to a straight accumulator which is literally all or nothing. There’s no right or wrong with the type of bet you choose of course, but if you deduce that a trixie is the right bet for you, as long as you’re in the ballpark and haven’t gone for a bunch of odds-ons shots, you could in line for a tidy return even if you don’t get four wins out of four. Most bookies offer trixies.