The 2018 Cheltenham Festival

They call it the Cheltenham Roar for good reason, the tradition that takes place year in, year out at the very start of the Cheltenham Festival. To my ear it gets louder each year as the Festival continues to be, Grand National aside, the real jewel in the crowd of UK racing. There is often so much to look forward to, as the Festival is so steeped in history, with many an owner, trainer, jockey or horse making their name here. This is one of those events where everyone wants to come good. A real opportunity to shine and to show what your stable is capable of.


Punters take many different approaches to betting at Cheltenham. Some make this one of those events where they just have to be there to soak up the action, whether that’s just for a day or for the entire four day Festival (which starts March 13th and ends 16th March). Others have specific races in mind that they like to get involved with. When we consider that there have been 100-1 winners of the Cheltenham Gold Cup alone, it’s clear there are are many betting opportunities to be had, so if you find the latest Cheltenham betting odds and do your research, there’s definitely a potentially big upside to your betting bank.

The obvious highlight of the Festival is the Cheltenham Gold Cup, which takes place at 3:30pm on Friday 16th March every year and is one of the most highly anticipated and regarded races here is. Of course there are many other highlights over the four days though. Personal favourite races of mine, include the Arkle Challenge Trophy Steeple Chase and Champion Hurdle Challenge Trophy on day one, Queen Mother Champion Steeple Chase on day two, Stayers’ Hurdle on day three and the Triump Hurdle and (of course!) the Cheltenham Gold Cup on the fourth and final day.

Over £150 million is expected to be gambled by punters over the course of the festival across single bets and accumulators alike and so that really does attest to both the level of public interest and also the opportunities that are out there if you ‘think you know better’ than the average joe. Keep a close eye on the odds markets closer to the start of Cheltenham to see what opportunities you can spot.

For a taste of how a multiple / accumulator specific angle can benefit you look no further than stablelad Connor Murphy who placed a £50 acca on the five horses his boss had running at the 2012 Cheltenham Festival only for it to result in him winning a mind boggling sum of £1.2 million. He used the winning to propel himself into position of a successful thoroughbred trainer in Kentucky, a real rags to riches story of racing. He used part of the winnings to purchase ‘Dimension’ a horse that’s already gone on to win multiple races stateside. There was certainly an element of luck to his win but as they say you’ve got to be in it to win it!


Six horse accumulator

A Coral punter from Buckinghamshire made a tidy sum in January after picking an impressive five winners with a very modest £1 bet. The beer money bet involved picking six selections as part of a 50p accumulator on races at Kempton and Hereford. One selection was a non runner but the others all romped home, many at enviable odds (one at 20-1), resulting in the anonymous man winning the tidy sum of £135,349.20.

The 41 year old, whose previous biggest win was £500, didn’t actually watch the races live, instead checking the results after and evidentally struggling to take it all in at first.

“I even logged out and back in again, just to check it was real.” he said.

“I actually had one non-runner, but while it could have won and increased my winnings massively, it could also have lost and I’d have won nothing, so I’m not dwelling on that at all, my glass is definitely full right now!”

The selections in full:

Hereford 12.20 – Royale Zanzibar at 12-1 (8-1 when bet was placed)

Hereford 2.00 – Clondaw Rigger 7-1 (took 8-1)

Hereford 3.05 – Cougar Kid 12-1 (took 20-1)

Kempton 4.35 – Mercers 10-1 (took 13-2)

Kempton 7.10 – General Brook 15-2 (took 9-1)

Kempton 5.10 – Daring Guest  non-runner






Why place a multiple bet?

We’ve been keen of late to highlight the dizzying variety of possible multiple bets  (doubles, trebles, fourfold etc) available and indeed how the returns that come your way really can be quite mind boggling if you find yourself backing enough winners. Many people are put off by placing bets on horse racing accumulators and the like because they think they have next to no chance of seeing a return, but the irony is that it’s at least an approach to betting that’s odds to chance, meaning that it’s a ‘fair bet’.


In the long run you certainly stand a reasonable chance of getting returns with multiple bets when compared to most other popular forms of betting. For instance if you ever get the chance of looking at the actual chance of getting 5 or 6 numbers up in the national lottery compared to what you win for doing so, you’d be amazed at the terrible odds you’re placing your bet on at. Case in point, the odds of getting 4 numbers is 2180-1 and 5 numbers is 144,415-1 . When you think of the average prize money for each of those outcomes, it’s a crumby bet. Why not instead  place a  well considered treble or acca on the horses using exclusive tips or by analysing form!


Even at the bookmakers how often do you see people piling their money into fixed odds betting terminals? They would be much better off just trying to analyse horse racing form and try to draw conclusions about what’s a good bet and what isn’t to push the odds in their favour somewhat. Of course that can apply to single bets too, as it’s all about finding value. Still, the added bonus with multiple bets is that you really don’t ever have to place a big bet and when you do win, you receive a healthy return at worst, and at best you can really clean up! Some of the examples I’ve listed previously include people winning hundreds of thousands, or even 1 million+ from a small bet of just a few pounds. With some skill and a dollop of luck you can go a long way. Get involved!


Bet Type Updates and More!

Unless you’ve been checking the multiples site frequently you might have missed a couple of recent updates to the site. First and foremost, you can now access write ups on all of the various accumulator / multiple bet types available on the right hand side of every site page under ‘Bet Type Explanations’ . Whether you’re eager to learn about single bets, doubles, trebles, accumulators or any of the various types of multiple bets like patents, yankees, lucky 15 and so on, just click through and you will soon be in the know! Of course there are so many ways of betting and types of bets that we aren’t finished yet, so expect further updates in this area soon!

Next up, be sure to check out our regularly updated big accumulator wins page for inspiration when you’re feeling like you’re chasing rainbows every time you place multiple bets. With a bit of skill, perseverance and of course a healthy dollop of luck, you’d be surprised how much you can win with a very modest bet. Don’t stop believing!